Iron Stone is a dynamic real estate development, property management, construction management, finance and asset management firm. The partners founded the company based on a fundamental belief in the value of cities and the neighborhoods, communities and people that make them vital, interesting places to live and work. Since its inception in the 1990s, Iron Stone has been committed to investing in and helping revitalize urban areas.

Most of our projects involve the adaptive reuse of older buildings in densely populated, older city neighborhoods. We are architectural preservationists, and where appropriate we have listed our buildings on the National Register of Historic Places and undertaken historically accurate renovations.

We are also recyclers on a large scale, bringing new life to existing structures that otherwise would be demolished and land filled, or replaced with a new building in an unbuilt area, contributing to wasteful sprawl. In the neighborhoods where we work we engage with the surrounding community face to face, to understand the needs and concerns of our neighbors.

We shape our development plans to create a positive impact on the community. By creating new jobs, new amenities, and an improved physical appearance, we help generate momentum, excitement, and confidence in the community and an increase in the value of our investment and the surrounding blocks.